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7 Days Dead - Beyond Within (EP) [Free Download]

A City in Silence - A City in Silence MMXIII [Free Download]
Afgrund - Svarta Dagar
Amiensus - Restoration
Anup Sastry - Ghost [Free Download]
Artaius - The Fifth Season
As Everything Unfold - Hourglass EP [Free Download]
As Monster Becomes - Renascentia [Free Download]
Avantasia - The Mystery of Time

Baroness - Yellow & Green
Bastard Sons - Hellkiller (demo) [Free Download]
Beastwars - Beastwars
Before the Prophecy - [collapse] [Free Download]
Bend the Sky - Observatory (EP) [Free Download]
Bend the Sky - Origins [Free Download]
Brainwashers - Estampida
Brainwashers - Sin Rencor

Cities of the Plain - ... the most exciting contest you can imagine [Free Download]
Cities of the Plain - Sitka [Free Download]

Deadeye Dick - Black Star on a White Sky [Free Download]
Death - Spiritual Healing (re-issue)
Decimus - Straight to the Throat EP [Free Download]
Destruction - Spiritual Genocide
Discomfort - Scorn
Distances - Ages [Free Download]
Dodsfard - Untitled Demo [Free Download]
Dragged Into Sunlight - Widowmaker
Drowning Pool - Saturday Night (Single)
Drowning Pool - Resilience

Edenborn - Twentyone Eightythree (EP)  [Free Download]
Encryptor - All is Continuous
Ex Curia - Reasoned Insanity

Find Yourself - Может Быть, Мир Ещё Сможет Нас Простить [Free Download]
Find Yourself - Начало Пути... [Free Download]
Flagellated Seraph - Beyond Salvation
Forcentury - Revelant

Gloria Morti - Lateral Constraint
Greywood Manor - Unfold the Blackest Night (EP) [Free Download]
Gukurahundi - An Apparition in Nocturnal Splendor [Free Download]

haarp - Husks
Hacktivist - Hacktivist EP
Havenside - Until It All Ends [Free Download]
Head Reapers - Demo [Free Download]
Hithaeglir - Tidvatted av Svart Sorg [Free Download]

Icosian - When I Stopped Calling at Home (EP) [Free Download]
Illidiance - Insane Mytheries to Demise
Incensius - Incensius Live Vol. I [Free Download]
Inter Arma - Sky Burial

Jethou - Icons of Penge [Free Download]

Koldscov - Koldscov (EP) [Free Download]

Lacrimosa - Revolution
Leah - Of Earth & Angels [Free Download]
Light Bearer - Silver Tongue [Free Download]
Limit Zero - Gravestone Constellation [Free Download]
Living Void - Squalor [Free Download]
Lost in a Name - Remember Where We Started [Free Download]
Lost in a Name - The Chorus Give Us Reason [Free Download]

Mask of Judas - Axis (mini-album) [Free Download]
Mistress - Brain and Bruises
Mistress - Heavy Mental [Free Download]
MyAlterEgo - Mirror [Free Download]

Nekkar - Nekkar  [Free Download]
Njigahdda - Firmaments and the Upper Star (EP) [Free Download]
None Dare Call It Conspiracy - Tales of the Lost [Free Download]
Norse - All is Mist & Fog [Free Download]

O Wretched Man - The Decomposing Shrine (EP) [Free Download]
Odyssey (SPA) - In Space & Time [Free Download] 
Odyssey (SPA) - Resurrection [Free Download]
Of the Audience - Back Roads EP [Free Download]
Officium Triste - Mors Viri
On the Bridge of Dust - Facing the Opposit [Free Download]
Ovid's Withering - The Cloud Gatherer (EP) [Free Download]

Penetration the Lord of Porn Metal - Penetration [Free Download]
Phantasmagory - Odd Sounds
Pig Destroyer - Book Burner
Psychotic Pulse - Psychotic Pulse [Free Download]

Ravnblod/Necrocaine Split [Free Download]
Robots Pulling Levers - Zong! [Free Download]

Sadhaka - Terma [Free Download]
Sarracenia - När stormen dragit förbi (EP) [Free Download]
Scelerata - The Sniper
Scowl - Grindcore is Serious Business (Mini-Album) [Free Download]
Sectioned - Outlier (EP) [Free Download]
Sectioned - Monotonne (demo) [Free Download]
Sedulity - The Valley of the Dying Star [Free Download]
Sedulity - Integral Spirits [Free Download]
Sister Sin - Now and Forever
Sithu Aye - Invent the Universe 
Sithu Aye - Isle EP 
Sithu Aye - Cassini
Solar Soma - So Much for Style [Free Download]
Spider Kitten - Coguar Club [Free Download]
Straight Opposition - 10 OZ

Tardive Dyskinesia - Static Apathy in Fast Forward
Testament - Native Blood (Single)
Thamuzifer - Oscura Sociedad Sacrilega [Free Download]
The Horn - Book of the Dead Volume VI [Free Download]
The Horn - Book of the Dead Volume VIII [Free Download]
The Lizard Queen - The Lizard Queen (EP) [Free Download]
The Pandemonium - Tyrannis (EP) [Free Download]
The Very End - Turn Off the World
Therion - Les Fleurs du Mal
Thira - The Ascension Construct (EP)
Toxic Holocaust - From the Ashes of Nuclear Destruction
Trash Truck - Trash Truck (EP) [Free Download]

Unsacred Seed - Unsacred Seed [Free Download]

Valarisia - Archives (demo) [Free Download]
Valfader - Whisper of Chaos [Free Download]
Vice or Virtue - Enlightenment
Volition - Intentions EP [Free Download]
Vulgaari - Vulgaari

WOA Battle Metal Canada Compilation Vol. 1 [Free Download]

Xenobiotic - Wraith (EP) [Free Download]

Yakuza - Bevul

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